Whiz for Education

The Challenge

  • Innovation: You’re constantly innovating to attract top students, and differentiate from other universities.
  • Sustainability: You’re continually challenged to improve sustainability, and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Student Experience: You’re evolving to meet and exceed student - and parent - expectations to earn tuition, revenue, charitable contributions, alumni engagement, and rankings for your institution.
  • Faculty Confidence: Your faculty is a core asset for revenue and prestige, and you want to reassure them that their environment is clean, safe, and healthy.

The Results

Demonstrate your investment in students' and faculty's health and safety while also achieving:
Improvement in dust control
Cleaner floors compared to manual vacuuming
Higher cognitive function in buildings with clean air*
“Evidence that the space will be cleaner and safer is important to me.”
- SBRA Survey, October 2020

“These autonomous vacuums work as a staffing supplement, taking care of some of the more monotonous jobs, allowing our skilled staff to take care of more essential tasks.”
- Trhile Brown, Operations Supervisor, Custodial Services at Michigan State University

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Universities across the country have deployed Whiz in their libraries, office buildings, hallways, and sports facilities. Learn How a Cobot from Bishop Clean Care can save your college time and money.