Whiz for Healthcare

The Challenge

  • Increase Patient Confidence: Increase health and safety in the hospital environment such that patients feel confident to receive care.
  • Increase Staff Confidence: Hospital staff are quintessential to hospital operations. Without the hospital staff feeling safe to perform their work, surgeries will not happen, people will not get the care that they need, and revenue will drop.
  • Innovation: You’re constantly innovating to attract top doctors, differentiate from other hospitals, and provide the best care.
  • Efficiency: Drive efficiency throughout your hospital operations by reallocating labor to higher value tasks.

The Results

Gain More Time for Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing While Also Achieving:
Less airbone Dust and Allergens Kicked Up Compared to Manual Vacuuming
Cleaner floors compared to manual vacuuming
A top-ranking health system has seen improved patient experiences, and a gain of 3 hours each night to focus on high touch point areas.
“Evidence that the space will be cleaner and safer is important to me.”
- SBRA Survey, October 2020

“Staff, members, everyone is more confident in using Whiz...Whiz is getting a lot of usage and time with the team, we have nothing to say bad about it, it does what is promised.”
*Source: US EPA Indoor Air Quality Study

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Hospitals across the country have deployed Whiz in their waiting rooms and hallways to do a “presweep” prior to scrubbing the floors. Learn How a Cobot from Bishop Clean Care can save your hospital time and money.