Whiz for Real Estate

The Challenge

  • Attracting New Tenants: Innovation attracts tech-savvy tenants with spending power for higher-end living, and differentiates properties in a competitive market. 
  • Tenant Retention: To retain tenants, and maintain and increase occupancy, multifamily buildings must adapt with and excel at market demands. This includes offering both great and safe places to live, regardless of external factors. 
  • Tenant Experience: Growing rent is directly tied to tenant experience. No space is more important than the space that you live in. While occupancy is rebounding, tenants are demanding more amenities in their buildings.
  • Expenses: Balancing fixed and variable expenses, market rates, and operating costs is an undertaking. Compounded with rising costs, it is difficult to maintain consistent expenditures. 

The Results

Raise occupancy, increase rental income, and redistribute costs from operating expenses to capital expenses by investing in innovation, health, and safety while also achieving: 

Improvement in dust control
Cleaner floors compared to manual vacuuming
By purchasing Whiz across their portfolio, a publicly traded REIT specializing in high-quality, multifamily apartments in primary urban markets was able to recoup millions of dollars by converting their floor care expense from a monthly operational expense to a one-time capital expense, all while filling in labor gaps and delighting tenants. 

Improve tenant experience

Whiz is broadly deployed across multifamily portfolios where sites leverage its frequency, coverage, and visibility three hours per day, five days per week. In doing this, the REITs are able to improve their tenant experience by verifying that the space has been cleaned.

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