Whiz for Senior Living

The Challenge

  • Resident Health & Safety: Maintaining a clean environment and keeping your residents safe and healthy is a constant challenge
  • Limited Staff: It is always difficult to staff the facility. That difficulty is even more exacerbated now with new protocols that dictate the staffing requirements.
  • Resident Experience: You’re evolving to meet and exceed resident expectations to gain referrals and increase occupancy.
  • Community Engagement: You are looking for ways to engage with your residents, and offer them unique experiences that differ from other facilities.

The Results

Put residents, family members, and employees at ease. Gain 50% more time for deep cleaning & sanitizing while also achieving:
Improvement in overall cleanliness
Improvement in dust control
Cleaner floors compared to manual vacuuming
Higher cognitive function in buildings with clean air*
“Mac the Vac’ became part of our community."
- Resident at a Major Senior Living Facility

“Whiz is doing the work of one full-time position so one week of work covers the cost for me monthly.”
- Director of EVS at a Major Senior Living Facility

Download the Case Study


Senior living facilities across the country have deployed whiz in their hallways, dining areas, and common areas.  Learn How a Cobot from Bishop Clean Care can save your facility time and money.