whiz for the workplace

The Challenge

  • Innovation: You’re constantly innovating to drive brand value, differentiate from competition, and move the business forward.
  • Resiliency: You’re reinventing what it means to go to work. Your operations need to be able to adapt quickly to balance the benefits of both remote flexibility and in-person inspiration.
  • Employee Experience: You’re evolving to meet and exceed employee expectations to retain top talent, improve productivity, and grow revenue for your company.
  • Office Design: Your workplace needs to be reimagined to facilitate collaboration and drive employee experience in a safe manner.

The Results

Gain More Time for Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing While Also Achieving:
Improvement in dust control
Cleaner floors compared to manual vacuuming
Higher cognitive function*
of employees associated environmental symptoms like coughing and sneezing with the office**
“Evidence that the space will be cleaner and safer is important to me.”
- SBRA Survey, October 2020

“It’s really allowed us to elevate the level or the product we are able to give our client because we didn’t eliminate any jobs by bringing this [Whiz] on, we were creative and shifted our actual people to focus on the areas we were not getting to every night.”
- Mathew Davis, Director of Operations at Office Pride Commercial Cleaning (OPCC)

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Offices across the country have deployed Whiz in their hallways, conference rooms, lobbies, and desk areas.  Learn How a Cobot from Bishop Clean Care can save your business time and money.