Phantas is an AI-powered floor cleaning robot designed for small and medium-sized commercial facilities, particularly office buildings. It integrates 4 cleaning modes and all kinds of Gausium’s latest technology breakthroughs to deliver a highly productive and cost-effective all-in-one cleaning solution.

Compactly designed, Phantas has strong passability and enables cleaning in tight spaces such as under-table areas. This, combined with its powerful edge cleaning capacity, guarantees maximum floor cleaning coverage.

Driven by deep learning, Phantas is able to identify floor types and automatically adjust operation mode, it can also detect contaminations and perform autonomous spot cleaning*, and recognizes obstacle types to make smart avoidance decisions.

Compact but Comprehensive

  • 4 in 1 cobot that includes integrating scrubbing, sweeping, dust mopping and vacuuming
  • Backed by the side brush and high-precision sensors, Phantas is able to clean along the edges 0cm-close.
  • Scans the cleanliness of the nearby floor and autonomously performs spot cleaning where waste or stains are detected
  • Compactly designed, Phantas can effortlessly pass through and clean narrow aisles and under-table areas.
  • Phantas receives over-the-air software updates, offering free and easy access to new features and ongoing innovations.


Phantas is developed to free up manpower and reduce human intervention to the greatest extent. The docking station and IoT connectivity provide Phantas with the highest level of autonomy. In the meantime, with the user-friendly Gausium App, operators can control the floor cleaning via any smart mobile devices from anywhere, anytime.

The superb versatility and ease of use make Phantas a product accessible to all – it is created to serve everyone, everywhere.

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