SERVI + Servi Mini

Meet Servi. The latest delivery bots simplify hospitality with state-of-the-art technology. Each unit is expertly engineered, combining agile movement with versatile design. With 2 different sizes and multiples capabilities, the Servi and Servi Mini delivery bots are designed to fit the needs of your industry.

Built with an advanced LiDar sensor and multiple cameras, Servi navigates space intelligently, safely and with ease. These bots are 100% self driving and have internal weight sensors that detect when a delivery is completed.  Servi and Servi minis are designed to grow with your business. Upgrade to a fleet with confidence as each bot synchronizes with each other to avoid collisions. 

Compact but Comprehensive

  • 100% Self Driving, Multi Robot Mode and Auto Return Function

  • Extended Battery Life the Servi operates up to 12 hours on a 4 hour charge

  • Personalize your Servi. Each bot can be customized to fit your floor plan and specific needs.

  • Get your Servi up and running on the same day with easy mapping design and installation

  • Dashboard access lets you manage, monitor and optimize performance of your Servi 24/7

133M+ Deliveries Made with Servis

The numbers and stats about are based on a space of 1,000 sq. ft. with 10 tables and home-base station, the minimum installation time for Servi is 14 minutes.

Results are based on internal engineering tests.


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