Introducing Cobotics by Bishop Clean Care

Bishop Clean Care, Inc is excited to announce Cobotics by Bishop Clean Care, our newest division for helping you use technology to keep your facilities at the highest cleaning standards! As part of our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions to our customers, we've added this modern approach to cleaning that introduces robots as an assistive tool to your cleaning workforce.  

Jenny Savelle, company CEO, is excited to continue driving advancement at Bishop. “We’ve always sought to adapt forward-looking strategies in how we clean, including the use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, water reduction strategies, and the latest staff support software. This new division reflects our efforts to continue building innovation into our business model and what we can offer customers.”

Cobots are simply robots that work with your staff, just like a co-worker. The cobots we now offer are designed to make cleaning faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. Equipped with advanced sensors, AI mapping capabilities, and the highest safety standards, cobots can navigate through your workspace and thoroughly clean multiple types of flooring surfaces.  Simple and sleek user-interfaces make them incredibly easy to use, so they can be integrated seamlessly into your work processes.

President of Cobotics by Bishop Clean Care, Jud Savelle, explains how the co-working approach to automation in cleaning is much needed in our industry.  “The workforce is ever-changing, and this certainly includes the cleaning business. Automation has supported large industry for decades, and now it's finally come to us.  The tasks required to maintain facility cleanliness are often strenuous, repetitive, and not easily measured.  Cobots are a welcome addition to the cleaning space, allowing workers to automate the most arduous tasks while they focus on items that humans handle best.”

To maintain our highest standard of customer experience, we’ve partnered with one of the most trusted and reputable companies in this industry—SoftBank Robotics. SoftBank has deployed each model based on its exceptional performance and reliability, and they have developed comprehensive reporting systems with real-time metrics. We're confident that the cobots developed with SoftBank will exceed your expectations and provide a valuable addition to your facility maintenance program.

At Cobotics by Bishop Clean Care, our commitment goes beyond the product, and includes providing the highest level of service and support. We will join you through every step of deployment, as well as review post-deployment metrics with you to ensure your investment is maximized. Tom Rutland, our Growth and Development Manager, has recently joined our team to help customers succeed in this new cleaning strategy.  In addition, Dennis Moore, who has spent 30 years building the commercial janitorial division at our parent company, assists our new division with a wealth of perspective on how automation can increase desired cleaning outcomes in your organization.

Start exploring this new opportunity today by contacting our team at [email protected]!