Award-winning, automated floor care at the scale you need — backed by the experience and expertise to get you the best results.
Save More with Phantas

4-in-1 Cobot

that includes integrating scrubbing, sweeping, dust mopping, and sanitizing

Optional Workstation

for self-docking power charging, water refill and discharge

Scans for Cleanliness

of the nearby floor and autonomously performs spot cleans waste or stains

Easy Manual Operation

that allows you to steer the machine when needed

5-Stage Filtration System

that recycles water and reducing 80% freshwater consumption

Award Winning Choice

backed by 30-year veterans in the cleaning services industry

PHANTAS Economics

Cost SavingsEfficiency ImprovementEnvironmental Impact
Labor30% Reduction4x Productivity20% Less Waste
Maintenance40% Savings2x Operational Lifespan80% Water Savings
Energy Usage40% Reduction3x Usage Efficiency50% Fewer Chemicals
Cleaning Supplies35 % SavingsContinuous PerformanceReduced Energy Usage
Downtime20% ReductionMinimal InterruptionsEnhanced Sustainability

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What Customers are Saying...

Phantas cut our labor costs by 30% and boosted efficiency. Its consistent performance keeps our facility spotless and supports our green initiatives.
Sarah M. | Operations Manager
Phantas drastically reduced our maintenance costs and improved cleanliness. The environmental benefits are a big plus, and our clients love the results.
James R. | Facility Manager
Phantas is reliable and efficient, saving us on labor and maintenance while supporting sustainability. Highly recommend for any business.
Linda T. | CEO

Why Choose a Cobot for Floor Care?

A floor cleaning robot significantly reduces manpower and janitorial costs, often delivering a return on investment exceeding 25%. These robots ensure consistent cleaning, enhancing facility cleanliness and safety by minimizing slips, trips, and falls. Additionally, they improve indoor air quality by removing dust and allergens, making them invaluable for efficient facility management.and helps them make a good buying decision.

Why Choose Cobotics?

As a cleaning company founded in 19XX, Cobotics by Bishop Clean Care offers a unique advantage in the cobotic floor cleaning market. We select and utilize cobots based on real-world cleaning effectiveness, ensuring the best fit for your facility's needs.
  • Expertly Chosen Cobots
    Our deep knowledge of various floor types—carpet, vinyl composite tile, laminate vinyl planks, and sealed concrete—guides our cobot selection. This expertise means our cobots are perfectly suited to meet the specific challenges of maintaining your floors. 

  • Real-World Cleaning Insights
    Proper floor care should be a significant part of daily custodial work (~50%), yet it often falls short. Our cobots consistently perform essential vacuuming or scrubbing tasks, maintaining high cleanliness standards that extend floor life and reduce costs.

  • Clear Return on Investment
    Our cobot solutions typically deliver ROI within 18-24 months through labor savings. By automating daily maintenance, our cobots enhance safety and floor appearance, boosting your facility’s overall environment. 

  • Tailored Solutions
    Leveraging knowledge gleaned from over current 100 janitorial contracts, we tailor cobotic solutions to your specific traffic patterns and floor usage, maximizing cleaning efficiency. 

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